Shai Linne

Shai Linne rocks. Seriously. I recommend him to anybody who likes rap, but is having trouble finding raps with good lyrics. His lyrics are jam-packed with truth; a truth that is unfortunately very lacking in today's day and age.

Shai Linne is one of the only Christian artists (others include Andrew Peterson, Cademon's Call, John Riley, and others), and the only rapper I know of, who has reformed theology portrayed clearly in his music. He doesn't do it by bashing any other forms of theology, he simply shows what he believes; without bickering. He does weigh what he believes against opposing views, but he doesn't do it with a spirit of pride; he seeks to enrich, rather than to prove that he is right.

Some might think that his style is a bit annoying after awhile (or even right at first...) but that's ok, he doesn't write his music for everyone (though the lyrics are good for anyone and everyone). He writes it for young people who like rap, but want something healthy to listen to. And quite frankly, I'd much rather hear Shai Linne using 'dirty words' in the appropriate context than being more popular because I listen to Eminem or B.o.B using them out of context.

Just listen to him. He's really good. :)

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