A Little Excitement

So, something pretty exciting happened just as I got off the bus on my way home from school today. I watched a crime play out: a purse nabber fleeing the crime scene, getting chased down, and finally being caught by his pursuers.

Let me narrate the tale from beginning to end: I'm on the bus, standing in front of the doors waiting to get off. The doors open, and I limp off (I had injured my ankle). I start to walk away, when I notice some commotion off to my left, near a row of shops. A guy ran past me, but at first I thought nothing of it; I assumed he was running to catch the bus I had just gotten off of. Then I noticed he had no coat on, in sub-zero weather... hmmm... that's what starts the doubt gears turning in my mind. I turn to keep my eyes on him, and that's when I noticed the purse clenched tightly in his left fist. My eyes widen, and I realize this guy's a pesky purse-nabber! If the first cop hadn't blown past me at that moment, I likely would have dropped my backpack and taken off in chase. And even despite my ankle, I think I could have done it, because of the adrenaline rush I got when I realized that the guy was up to no-good; plus I could see evidence of fatigue written out in his movements. The second and third cops blow by me at that moment, and I stand there for a while, trying to see how this will all end. I crane my neck to try and see around some trees, but I lose sight of them. I start to walk slowly in the direction of my home, but I'm still looking back to see if my changing angle will at least give me one last glimpse. I begin to think that the chase has led the four men out of my sight forever, when my eyes stray over just a tad, to another parallel sidewalk. I see them there; the thief positioned between cops #1 and #2, with #3 walking just behind them. He was caught, and justice was served. 


  1. How exciting! :D I'm glad he got caught; although I bet it was tempting to chase after him yourself! :D

    1. Yeah, If I had noticed what was going on sooner/my ankle wasn't hurt I probably would have.....

  2. Omigoodness, that is insane! I wonder what the cops would have said if you started chasing him, and caught him.


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