So, since you're here, you've probably noticed that my blog has officially launched! So what is this place? It's where I'll post anything I make; whether it be a poem, a desktop wallpaper, some sort of insight I have on a Bible verse, or something I've done over the weekend, you'll be able to find it here. It may take awhile for the blog to become populated with posts, but I expect it should be updated semi-regularly. You can contact me with any of the links below this post, or by leaving a comment.

Oh yeah, you should probably subscribe, too. ;)

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About Caleb Joyce

So, who am I? I do many different things. I enjoy writing, graphics design, sports, and people. Most importantly, though, I am a follower of Christ, and I aim to further advance the knowledge of his glory in everything I do. At any rate, you can get in touch with me on either Facebook or Twitter, using the links above. I look forward to speaking with you.