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I haven't been doing much in the world of writing lately, but I do have several big projects in the making. I'm 3,186 words into my experimental novela, 'Natural Predator'. Following is a tiny paragraph excerpt that provides some insight into the writing style of the book, and some of the recurring themes. Please note this is first draft quality:

Survival is key. That is what hunger attacks, and that’s why it’s so dangerous. Hunger was my life. I dabbled in it constantly. Every day was a fight against hunger, and if hunger won, that would mean my end. I couldn’t let it win. And I didn't. - Natural Predator 

 Also, I have officially joined Cyberlight, a start-up band, as one of the songwriters. Check out their Facebook page: and follow them on Twitter:!/cyberlightband

So that's where my writing career has led me so far. :)

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